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Just One Lifetime. She turns on the music to hear her favourite tunes, dancing around cardboards and paint, nodding and teetering to Sting and Shaggy’s rhyme: Life a’ the greatest gift given to humanity. Surround yourself with a lot of positive energy. Yuh can’t buy it even if yuh have a whole heap a’ money. And daz’ why we spread love inna the community. She sits down starting to paint, applying all colors available.

She celebrates each day, demonstrating: She demonstrates creativity and empathy, stunning her environment with her awareness, wisdom and wit. Let’s grow up by promoting positivity, she says. “Positive Image, Positive Action,” is written over a text from Cooperrider that she has printed out and marked and scribbled all over. She reads a bit, finds something, types in and looks up the heliotropic effect.

The heliotropic effect is the hypothesis that societies, cultures, organizations, groups and individuals work towards the most positive images they hold of themselves. In plants the term heliotropic describes the ability to move or grow towards the sun.

She skips the next songs in her playlist. The algorithms working in the behind deliver too much of the same. Moving along search engines, crawling through pages while looking for inspirational content, she is always alert not to deliver cookies by accident. Laying wrong tracks for the A.I., searching for nonsense on purpose unregularly. She aims at smearing her digital footprints, applying dadaism to burst her filter bubble. She laughs: Pattern recognition, come try predict me!

The graph on the wall, Tells the story of it all, Picture it now, See just how, The lies and deceit gain a little more power, Confidence taken in, By a suntan and a grin, The grabbing hands grab all they can, All for themselves after all, It’s a competitive world, Everything counts in large amounts. – Skip Depeche Mode! Let’s not stop at misery! She is hungry for some encouragement.

Low Burn. Underworld come seeping softly through the speakers now – building up, evolving. That’s more like it, she says. Time. The first time. Blush. Be bold. Be beautiful. Free. Totally. Unlimited.

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