Tackling the challenges for “Material Passports” to enable “Buildings As Material Banks”

The “BAMB Buildings As Material Banks” workshop in Stuttgart was an inspiring, thought-provoking experience! – For me, a direct inspiration was the quoted statement by Dr. Elma Durmisevic:

„Building Demolition and Construction Waste is a Design Mistake.“

Now, these questions resonate with me / What is your comment & opinion:


– In case of the research project itself: How do you maintain a research project like BAMB after its funding period? – How can thus made possible value creation be continued & utilized?


– In case of reversible buildings: Who owns the parts?


– In case of platforms: How do you marry “Data Governance” with “Integrity” and “Intellectual Property”? > Since, crucial for the “Material Passport” of buildings are the material information of the manufacturers.


– Finally: Can an ecological modernization solve the problems arising from today’s form of economic activity without effortful adjustments and moderation of demands solely through technical progress? – What may the necessary economic system redesign look like?



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